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A List Of WordPress Security Plugins To Amp Up Your Site’s Defense!

Having a website is one way of promoting your work to the world. You need to hit all the spots right to make your mark with it. Only perfection can make anything successful. When it comes to websites, you have to be professional with perfection. In that perfection making your site secure is also important. Creating a website on your own can compromise the security. That’s why we recommend taking some help from experts. WordPress is the best platform for building website. To AMP up your site’s defenses, here you can take help from WordPress themes.


 WordPress has two hosts, and With you won’t have complete authority on your website. But you will get ready-to-use WordPress theme to just install and use. On you will have complete authority over your website. But you will have to build website with tools. Here you can take help from Premium WordPress themes from other companies. In this process you need to focus on security along with attractive layout to AMP up your site’s defenses.


Why Security Is Important?

AMP Up Your Site's Defenses

Websites have threat from hackers all over the world. According to recent study from total attacked websites 78% were from WordPress. It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive or best WordPress themes. The security of your website is essential and you have to manage it. That’s why you will need WordPress security plugins. You can amp up your site’s defenses with these very easily.

There Are Other Ways To Secure Your Website

  • You must ensure that you and the people who log into your site have a strong password.
  • Change the default ‘admin’ name, because it is too easy to crack for the hackers.
  • Change the default login URL too.
  • Move your wp-config files from directory to safer place.
  • Get SSL certificate and always use HTTPS for safe file transfer.
  • Backup your website every-time you get notified about it from your hosting provider.
  • Keep the core of your website updated just like the WordPress versions.
  • Check the ratings and reviews of the premium WordPress themes you are buying.
  • Always keep the theme and plugins updated.

Having WordPress security plugins can take off most of the load and help you to AMP up your site’s defenses. Let’s take a look at some WordPress security plugins.




This WordPress security plugin is the most underrated in the market. This plugin secures your website from undercover threats. The visitors and you put a lot of the personal information in the website. Some visitors read the whole content. Now if someone put a suspicious link in the comment section. It can be a threat to the website and the visitor as well.


AntiVirus Plugin

This WordPress security plugin is the most used one. People from all over the world use this. This security plugin is created on WordPress. You can scan your website daily with this to find any virus. It’s like cleaning your house daily to AMP up your site’s defenses.

All In One WP

All In One WP

This WordPress security plugin is complete package. It’s an all rounder plugin and will take care of all the important things. It will change your default username, password and URL to secure your website. Along with this you will get built-in firewall, brute force login prevention, spam security, scanner with in-built grading system and the list goes on. This WordPress plugin not only secures your website from outside attack, but also makes your website stronger.


Clef Two-Factor Authentication

Clef Two Factor Authentication

Websites have a lot of loopholes when it comes to security. You won’t always be able to see them and solve. The visitors also might not realize them. But with this WordPress security plugin you can guiltlessly forget about it. This plugin will rectify such unresolved issues of websites and will help you to AMP up your site’s defenses.

Ithemes Security Pro

iThemes Security

This WordPress security plugin will take care of all the security measures. It will send notifications to you if something is wrong. This plugin have all the premium features you would want in one. It will handle issues related to website backup, changing default URL, error detection, brute force protection, Google reCaptcha integration and much more.